Monday, December 1, 2008

I Love Christmas Pictures

Well I am well on my way to completing my homemade Christmas cards and just needed a picture to add to the card this year and my mom to do some sewing on the cards to finish them up. Well getting a good picture is easier said than done but we ended up with a cute picture but not nearly as cute as some of the pictures I have gotten from others thus far. We took lots of pictures with the three of us and I really liked this picture of me and Tanner as well. Isn't he just the cutest dog ever???? And so well behaved - we love you Angel!

My creative friend Brooke just posted this picture on her blog and I thought it was absolutely a beautiful picture with her two kids and the lights that just make this picture look magical. David thought the picture was actually a postcard because it was so good until I pointed out that it was with Chase and Dylan. I would have to take a 1000 pictures to get one that is as magical as this one is. Great job Brooke!

Then I got this picture of my friend Gretchen with her two kids that I thought was just picture perfect. I just don't know how she got them to cooperate and look so adorable all at the same time. I just love getting pictures from my friends and family and seeing how much the kids have grown since I saw them last. If you haven't already - please send me pictures for Christmas this year!
Seeing these gorgeous pictures for Christmas is really inspiring me to get up off the couch and to start decorating. We hosted Thanksgiving at our house on Saturday so we had to keep all of our fall decorations up until after everyone left. Well after endless hours of cooking and cleaning, the last thing I wanted to do was decorate for Christmas and put up a tree. So needless to say, the rest of my weekend consisted of thinking about decorating but not actually decorating. Well at least I have something to look forward to doing this weekend. Stay tuned to see what I am able to come up with for this year.

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Brooke Groelle said...

Thanks Melissa!
That was Dylan's first tree experience ;)
Glad you liked it!!!