Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lighting Makes All The Difference - Bedroom

Option 1 - Above

Option 2 - Above

Option 3 - Above

Option 4 - Above

Option 5 - Above

Option 6 - Above

Option 7 - Above

I still haven't bought the bedding for the bedroom but I still want to continue coming up with my design plan for the room. I don't want an ordinary overhead light but rather something to add a little romantic vibe to the room. As you can see by some of the options above, I'm really loving the chandelier look above. Many of the options are available at so there are some great prices. Three of the choices above I adore but I'd love to get your input. It's a small room but I know how important lighting is to getting the mood and vibe you are striving to achieve. I welcome all comments - as my hubby said this morning, "this room is really blah". Well just wait honey, it's about to go from blah to vavooom!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In With the New - Out With the Old

I've been drooling over this couch since January when I met "her" for the first time at the PB store in Deer Park. I have been talking about her ever since I first laid eyes on her and even had to show David how perfect she would be for our home. Well needless to say, the price tag was well out of the range of possibility so I walked away knowing we would never be able to buy her.

This weekend I ran to Deer Park on a mission to buy some pots from C&B to plant my herbs in and unfortunately the store was already closed. Well not wanting to waste a trip, I decided to browse through some of the other stores nearby and headed into PB. They had a huge sign advertising a sale of floor sample furniture pieces and so I asked about the pieces that were for sale. Little did I know that she would be waiting there calling for me. The price was marked down 50% and the manager told me that she really needed to move out the furniture because they are flipping the store on Monday to include all of their summer pieces and offered to make me a phenomenal deal. Little did I know that she would drop the price to less than is a girl to ignore. After a phone call to Dave and a little nudging he agreed.

As you can see by the pictures the couch is very large and getting it home was an adventure for sure. We had to rent a van to pick up the couch, drop it off at home, and then race back to drop off the van in less than 75 minutes. We accomplished the mission but then we realized that we somehow had to get the couch from the garage into the house. It's 84" long, 36" wide, and 45" high and when we measured the doorway we realized we had a problem. To make matters worse we had to get this into our upstairs and our house is a split level with a wall right when you open the door. Well after a lot of sweat and exhausted muscles, we were able to wedge her into the house and up the stairs with minimal damage to the door, window, and walls.

Isn't she beautiful? I just love that the couch is more formal looking but with a casual material. She's so curvaceous and oh so comfy. In fact last night I laid down to read "The Secret Scripture" and in less than 6 pages, I was fast asleep for the rest of the night.

This couch is the one that we need to find a good home for. It has served us well for the past 4 years and now it's time to move it out. Part of my deal with David was to sell the old couch and if you are interested please feel free to click here to see the details that I have posted on Craigslist. Also if you help to find this couch a new home, I'll give you an extra special gift from me. :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Where I Get My Creativity

I get my creativity and love for color from my ever so creative and talented mother. As you can see here, this is her latest masterpiece and I think you can see why.

This picture shows the beautiful quilting and the design in each square is breathtaking.

This is a picture of the back which is black but each quilted square is in a different color thread so it's just as beautiful in the back as the front.

Here you can see the entire back - I just love this view because of how beautiful black fabric can be with this type of detailed quilting and different thread colors. I know mom I may not know all of the technical "quilting" names but to make it short and sweet - this quilt is breathtaking. My mom is entering it into a quilt show at the beginning of May and I'm sure it will take home the "best in show" award.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Votes Are In (Drum Roll Please) Part 1

Last month, I posted 4 bedding options for our master bedroom which really needs some sprucing up and many of you voted on your favorite. It was really a split between 2 of the bedding options and you weren't shy about your opinions which I am very grateful for! I had many people calling me, emailing me, or stopping me on the street about this post and wanting to share their thoughts - as you can see this was a very popular post and I'm excited that so many are interested in decorating like I am. Based on your votes - below is the winner.

The majority of you voted for the above bedding from Pottery Barn.
Comments included the fact that it's feminine and masculine and you liked the colors.

After doing a bit of research I came across this new option which is similar to the PB option but is much, much cheaper. Sorry the picture is so small but what do you think of this one?

Our room is on the rather small side and is a beige color. We have the light colored wood floors and a dresser and end tables that are a light wood as well that we don't want to get rid of. We however are in desperate need of a real "adult" bed with a headboard and all. I'd like to get your thoughts on that as well. Should we go with - Wood, Upholstered, Metal, or something else like a wicker? Of these options we are more of the wood or upholstered type but I'm open to ideas.

P.S. Some of you asked for pictures but the room is a bit scary, stay tuned and I'll post some pictures shortly! I really am looking forward to hearing from you as we work together on decorating the master bedroom. Will you join me for the journey?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Inspirational Magnetic Board

I love cute, crafty ways to make new uses out of old things and this here is a creative idea of how to do just that. If a dresser is too junky to save, use one of its drawers as a magnetic board. Paint the drawer and then place galvanized metal into the bottom of the drawer. Cover the metal with scrapbook paper that fits the decor of the room and add new hardware to the drawer. You now have a magnetic board to hang up items while staying organized at the same time. I think this would be a great place to showcase your "inspirational" pieces. For more crafty ideas, visit the Better Homes & Gardens Website.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Year of Glamour Magazine for $1.50

Glamour magazine is celebrating their 70th anniversary and are offering a year subscription for only $1.50. No I'm seriously not joking - that was their price in 1939 and is only being offered through March 15th to celebrate. What are you waiting for? Click here if you are interested in getting a year of Glamour sent to your home for your reading enjoyment.

I absolutely adore magazines and read each one from the front to the back cover. When a good deal comes your way you have to jump on it. Even if David cringes when he sees a new magazine in the mailbox.

Back to Reality

Do I look excited or what?
They let us check in at 11:30 versus 3:00 - Trump Tower Rocks!
Now this is a comfy looking bed if I've ever seen one.
Maybe this should be my inspiration for our bedroom.

Only the best - for $25, you too can have some "bling" water.

S & K

US - enjoying our $35 drinks.

Me & R

C & Me

S & C

Last but not least - S - our professional singer. - Really! :)

All and all it was a fabulous weekend and I'm not sure who had more fun, me or David. We missed our little Tanner man but it's so nice to get away especially considering it rained all weekend. When we got to the hotel I took a peak at the room service book and realized that we could have brought him along! We could have ordered him a gourmet doggy meal and bottled water for only about $50. The turndown service was unbelievable and I'm sure they would have done something extra special for Tanner. Well there's almost next time - right?

Friday, March 6, 2009

Mr. Trump - Here we Come - Look Out!

We are heading off to a weekend at the Trump Tower and we are really looking forward to getting away. We are spending the weekend with my co-workers who are a blast and a riot to be around. When you get together a group of HR folks, watch out because it's time to let loose.
More details and pictures to follow in a few days. I'm really looking forward to taking lots of pictures and on that note I better go charge my camera battery.

Save or Spend?

When it comes to wardrobe essentials the question always comes up - should I save or spend on this item of clothing? Many of you know that I am the queen of cheap shopping and take great pride in finding steals hidden in the back of the store, at a thrift shop, or at TJMaxx/Marshall's. I have expensive taste admittedly but I love finding a deal and that is truly a high for me. It's a rarity if I buy something that isn't on sale or clearance but there are always a few exceptions. Here are some ideas of when to save or when to spend on your wardrobe essentials:
  • T-Shirts - Save especially white since you have to replace them often.
  • Jeans - Spend because the finish and fit will be much more modern.
  • Hosiery - Save, especially since runs will frustrate you.
  • Bra - Spend, a good fit can make you look 5-10 pounds lighter.
  • Gym clothes - Spend, you need to look good to feel good.
  • Trends - Save your money because trends come and go.
  • Black Pants - Spend, the fit and color will be well worth it.
  • Jackets - Spend, the shape and cut will be more flattering.
  • Dress - Spend, it won't lose it's shape and will make you feel like $1m
  • Black Suit - Spend, can be split up into different outfits and stand the test of time.
  • Work Shoes - Spend, classic heels are a must and will be more comfortable.
  • Evening Shoes - Save, they'll get trashed quickly anyways.
  • Evening Dress - Save, hit the clearance rack because usually wear it once.
  • Evening Bag - Save, see above.
  • Rain Coat - Save your money for a "rainy" day
  • Winter Coat - Spend, on those cold winter days you'll be grateful.

I'd love to hear about what you love to save or spend on so please share. Also if you have a hidden place that you love to find quality clothing at a steal don't be shy and share. Here's to "looking good, feeling good, playing good, and get paid good" or at least that's what Deion Sanders says and that line seems to work on my hubby!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Little Addiction - Purses of Course!

For those of you that read lots of blogs (well maybe that's just me) you may have seen the "purse posts" appearing on blogs everywhere. You also probably know that I LOVE purses so this challenge was right up my alley. The challenge is to take a picture of your purse that you're carrying (not the fancy one in the closet you have) and take a picture of your purse and all of it's contents. Also they ask that you share honestly how much you paid for it.

This blue Melie Bianco purse I purchased last November when I was in San Diego. I have to admit that it's one of my favorites and was so excited about the color which I think is pretty unique especially compared to the black, brown, and tan purses that I tend to carry. I bought it at a boutique and it cost me $90 (not bad hugh)? They sell this brand at if you are interested.

Well I had to spill out the contents and this actually forced me to throw away the junk that was cluttering my purse including all of the receipts and random post-it notes that seem to never get thrown away. It's amazing what you can accumulate in only a few months. Here's what you would find inside:
  • D&B Wallet - TJMaxx
  • D&B Coin Purse - Outlet
  • Eyeglasses and Case
  • Maxx NY make up bag
  • Blackberry
  • Cell Phone
  • Make Up - Lots of lip gloss from Smashbox, Lipstick, powder, 3 perfumes from Philosophy, Visine drops, oil blotters, dental floss, hairbrush, Bvlgari lotion, lip moisturizer
  • Business Cards and holder
  • Gloves
  • Keys

There you have it and now that I've reveled all - I challenge all of you with a blog to post some pics and show us your purse and it's contents. It's actually really interesting to see what women carry around with them in their purses. If you don't have a blog please feel free to post a comment sharing your purse and it's contents for us all to enjoy.

No Matter What..................

Have a blessed day everyone and remember that no matter what - it's going to be OK. Now if only I can live by my own advice.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Big Shot + Goodwill = Butterfly Art

Big Shot + Butterfly Die + Target Frame from Goodwill for $3 =
1 Really cute piece of Butterfly Art for my Desk!

I just bought this picture frame from Goodwill yesterday and my Stampin Up order including my Big Shot arrived on Thursday so I knew I wanted to make some art. However I can't take all of the credit because Jennifer from Made By Girl gave me the inspiration I needed. She sells hers on for $18.50 but I made mine in less than 5 minutes and it cost $3 since the paper and big shot I got for free. Thanks Jennifer for the inspiration and be sure to check out her awesome blog at

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This weekend was a girlfriend-filled weekend and was exactly what the doctor ordered. On Saturday I went scrapbooking with 5 of my friends and spent the day making lots of cards and I actually only made 1 scrapbook page but that's ok, I really wanted to play with my new stamps that I had just gotten. It was great catching up with everyone and just chatting away. We talked about everything you can imagine and they are really a great support system of mine. It was kind of ironic that my friends that were there have 8 boys between the 5 of them and 0 girls - gosh what are those boys going to do when they grow up? They have the funniest stories about their boys and they just love their kids dearly but when they get away for the night watch out - they are full of energy and just itching to chit chat with the girls.

Today was another girlie day and it started with some champagne mimosas and chocolate covered strawberries - yes, does it get any better than that? Then the girls from my Tuesday night girls book club went and saw the movie, "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and it was such a cute movie. Isla Fisher was adorable even though her outfits were a bit outrageous to say the least. Somehow she was able to pull it off but if I tried it would be a disaster. I think I'll stick with my jeans, trouser pants, cotton tees, and sweaters but I do have her love of purses. There were 20 of us that ended up at the movie and then we headed out for lunch which was so much fun. Sunday morning is a great time to head to the movies and we are already talking about seeing "He's Just Not That Into You" next weekend. We can't seem to get our hubbies to take us to these chic flicks so why not grab a girlfriend and go?

All of this girl time and shopping got me in the mood for - well - SHOPPING! But don't worry, I didn't use a credit card and actually headed to the new Goodwill store that I've heard so much about. I ended up getting some great deals and they all still had the tags on them so the stuff was never worn. I ended up with 2 pairs of tights, camisole, bra, belt, and a picture frame all from Target and it only cost me $12.24. Now that's called shopping - the hunt for the coolest stuff but at the lowest prices imaginable. I must admit I was green with envy when I saw the woman in front of me buy 2 brand new North Face jackets with the tags still on them for under $20! How come that couldn't have happened to me? I guess it just wasn't meant to be but their is always next time.