Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In With the New - Out With the Old

I've been drooling over this couch since January when I met "her" for the first time at the PB store in Deer Park. I have been talking about her ever since I first laid eyes on her and even had to show David how perfect she would be for our home. Well needless to say, the price tag was well out of the range of possibility so I walked away knowing we would never be able to buy her.

This weekend I ran to Deer Park on a mission to buy some pots from C&B to plant my herbs in and unfortunately the store was already closed. Well not wanting to waste a trip, I decided to browse through some of the other stores nearby and headed into PB. They had a huge sign advertising a sale of floor sample furniture pieces and so I asked about the pieces that were for sale. Little did I know that she would be waiting there calling for me. The price was marked down 50% and the manager told me that she really needed to move out the furniture because they are flipping the store on Monday to include all of their summer pieces and offered to make me a phenomenal deal. Little did I know that she would drop the price to less than is a girl to ignore. After a phone call to Dave and a little nudging he agreed.

As you can see by the pictures the couch is very large and getting it home was an adventure for sure. We had to rent a van to pick up the couch, drop it off at home, and then race back to drop off the van in less than 75 minutes. We accomplished the mission but then we realized that we somehow had to get the couch from the garage into the house. It's 84" long, 36" wide, and 45" high and when we measured the doorway we realized we had a problem. To make matters worse we had to get this into our upstairs and our house is a split level with a wall right when you open the door. Well after a lot of sweat and exhausted muscles, we were able to wedge her into the house and up the stairs with minimal damage to the door, window, and walls.

Isn't she beautiful? I just love that the couch is more formal looking but with a casual material. She's so curvaceous and oh so comfy. In fact last night I laid down to read "The Secret Scripture" and in less than 6 pages, I was fast asleep for the rest of the night.

This couch is the one that we need to find a good home for. It has served us well for the past 4 years and now it's time to move it out. Part of my deal with David was to sell the old couch and if you are interested please feel free to click here to see the details that I have posted on Craigslist. Also if you help to find this couch a new home, I'll give you an extra special gift from me. :)


Brooke G. said...

She is perfect!! Love it and what a STEAL ;)

PRichards said...

Love the new couch! If you can deliver the old one to Idaho I'll buy it! :)

Fryer Family said...

Keep us in mind for any future furniture or accessories you have that need a new home. In the very near future we will hopefully have a lot more space to decorate!!!