Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You Capture - Circles

Today's You Capture over at I Should Be Folding Laundry is Circles. I have missed the last several weeks because I always feel I have to take pictures in the natural light but sometimes it's just not possible as well as losing a bit of my creativity over the holiday break. No more excuses for me, I grabbed my camera and used what I had - indoor lighting and lots of walking room to room to find "circles". Yes, I am a very literal person and I enjoyed looking for circles in my house and figuring out how to best compose the picture to make it fun. Never the less it was fun to grab the camera and get to work. At first I thought "circles", that's not a fun subject but I truly had a ball. Can't wait to see what next week's challenge is.

Snapped a picture of my Keurig drip tray. It was a lovely Christmas gift from my hubs.
 A necklace with pearls and lots of other round or "circle" shapes. It's one of my favorites and what better subject to snap a few photos of.
 This is the lid to my hamper - Yup, I love the pattern and was really excited about how the photos turned out. Who knew that the laundry hamper could be so inspiring.
 Another angle showing a bit more of the texture.
 This here is the cooling unit I place my laptop on top of when using it in places other than my office. Our laptop easily gets overheated and this does the trick. I like the various circle sizes that this has.
Last but not least I love the circles of this trunk. My grandfather is a carpenter and he made stools for all of us out of a tree trunk and tree limbs. I like that while the rings are circular in nature, it almost looks like a heart too.

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Stella Update - 2 weeks

It's been 2 weeks since Stella won the lottery joined our family and I thought I would share an update with how our little Stella-Bella is doing. She is fitting well into our little family and still adores Tanner to pieces, however he is still adjusting to not being the only star around here. He is a great big brother and thanks to him Stella is doing great with her house training. After her first walk around the block today, I decided to take advantage of the natural light and couldn't resist snapping some pictures of her in her new pink winter coat - it's just so darn cute! There are many more items of clothing in her future, I just can't help myself.

New Discoveries:
  • Her bark and howl - not a good thing necessarily but if Tanner barks so does she
  • She loves her new winter coat that Mama got her
  • Hanging out in the backyard and chasing after Tanner
Making Progress:
  • Is able to lay down and relax when we are watching TV or reading
  • Walking on leash
  • House training with minor accidents
  • Maybe recognizing her name
  • Takes treats out of our hand
  • Going up and down the steps on the deck; going up the stairs in the house
  • Sleeps ALL night long - in our bed of course
Needs some work:
  • Allowing David & I to pick her up and cuddle with her, she is scared to death and it's a race around the house to be able to pick her up. This will take time but I hope we start to see some progress.
  • Giving Tanner a little bit of space, her nice is in his behind all of the time
  • Going down the stairs in our house (she only goes up)
  • Not destroying her bedding in her crate while we are at work
 Stella right after her walk around the block
 Getting ready to go outside
 Tanner & Stella really do look like brother and sister don't you think?
 Later in the day getting ready for a little grooming session with Mama.
 I love her soulful eyes

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

10 Faves in 2010

2010 was a year full of ups and downs but I thought it would be fun to look back anyways. Instead of focusing on the not so fun stuff from 2010, I thought I would share with you my top 10 photos from the year. Many were taken while I was taking a photography class but I guess that's a good thing right?

Like many of you, I too have a long list of resolutions for 2011. I won't bore you with the not so fun one's (i.e. exercise more, eat healthy, lose weight, etc.) but instead share a couple of my more fun one's.
  • Take another photography class.
  • Participate in at least 1 photography challenge per month.
  • Blog more regularly (at least 1-2 x/week)
  • Take another vacation with my hubby
  • Take Tanner and Stella to the dog park once a week.
  • Work hard & play harder!!!!
There you have I must be held accountability. Let's see what 2011 holds for all of us.

In the meantime, here's my 10 faves from 2010.

Just an old tire that I liked.

What's not to love about an American flag?

Gotta love nature.

Prickly little thing but still cool.

Gotta love some berries. 

Pretty flowers but the spider web looks cooler.

Froggy in our pond.

Emily "glowing".

Peaking into the wishing well.

A hairy situation.

Baby Tanner and a little bokeh.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Stella - Our New Addition

About 10 days ago I shared that we may have a new addition to our family and I'm happy to say that Stella joined our family on December 26th. She is a 7 lb pound Maltese that we rescued from a puppy mill. The vet estimates that she is between 5 and 8 years old and lived her whole live in a puppy mill until recently. She has kept me very busy this past week which is why I haven't had a moment to take pictures or blog about her or anything else. The last few days have went really well and we (actually just me) were able to get her house trained in 1 day!!! She's a fast learner but we have a ways to go. Because she only had interaction with other dogs, she is afraid of people and we are slowly working on earning her trust. She looks a lot like Tanner and she absolutely idolizes him and follows him everywhere - which helped with the house training. I have been off of work the entire week which helped in helping her with the big adjustment, next week I head back to work on Tuesday so I'm hoping she will do fine while we are gone. She loves her crate as long as Tanner is in view so let's cross our fingers and hope for the best. Here's a few pictures of our little star Stella.

 Stella trying out her new hair bow.
 Stella and Me - can you tell she doesn't like to be held (yet)?
 Stella and Daddy.
 Tanner and I on my birthday.
 Tanner and Daddy.
Me and our failed attempt to hold Tanner and Stella at the same time.
Stella just wants to cuddle up with Tanner and he just wants to run away from her and be along.
I hope this phase passes but it's hard having a sister after 6 1/2 years of being an only spoiled dog.