Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Little Addiction - Purses of Course!

For those of you that read lots of blogs (well maybe that's just me) you may have seen the "purse posts" appearing on blogs everywhere. You also probably know that I LOVE purses so this challenge was right up my alley. The challenge is to take a picture of your purse that you're carrying (not the fancy one in the closet you have) and take a picture of your purse and all of it's contents. Also they ask that you share honestly how much you paid for it.

This blue Melie Bianco purse I purchased last November when I was in San Diego. I have to admit that it's one of my favorites and was so excited about the color which I think is pretty unique especially compared to the black, brown, and tan purses that I tend to carry. I bought it at a boutique and it cost me $90 (not bad hugh)? They sell this brand at if you are interested.

Well I had to spill out the contents and this actually forced me to throw away the junk that was cluttering my purse including all of the receipts and random post-it notes that seem to never get thrown away. It's amazing what you can accumulate in only a few months. Here's what you would find inside:
  • D&B Wallet - TJMaxx
  • D&B Coin Purse - Outlet
  • Eyeglasses and Case
  • Maxx NY make up bag
  • Blackberry
  • Cell Phone
  • Make Up - Lots of lip gloss from Smashbox, Lipstick, powder, 3 perfumes from Philosophy, Visine drops, oil blotters, dental floss, hairbrush, Bvlgari lotion, lip moisturizer
  • Business Cards and holder
  • Gloves
  • Keys

There you have it and now that I've reveled all - I challenge all of you with a blog to post some pics and show us your purse and it's contents. It's actually really interesting to see what women carry around with them in their purses. If you don't have a blog please feel free to post a comment sharing your purse and it's contents for us all to enjoy.


Brooke G. said...

HA HA! I don't think I will take you up on this particular challenge. I think you have seen some of the random stuff I pull out of my purse..... toys, food, diapers, sippy's, I actually was sifting through last week and found a cheese stick (it was REALLY hard!) who knows how long it as in there for... yuck!!!!! Which is why my purse is the ugliest thing you have ever seen and I got it on the clearance rack at Target for $5!!!
PS - I LOVE that blue purse... and ALL your purses for that matter. I have total purse envy!

Fryer Family said...

I can't believe I missed this post!! I also love purses. And you blue purse is beautiful! My purses really take a beating these days so I got mine on clearance for $8. I am actually surprised it's still in one piece :) The contents of my purse are: keys, Waaay too many pens for one person, loner cell phone, Avon lip conditioner, notepads, appointment cards, receipts, coupon file, wallet, coin purse, meal planner calendar, lotion, carmex, chapstick and a burpy. Looks like it's time to clean it out :)