Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Back to Reality

Do I look excited or what?
They let us check in at 11:30 versus 3:00 - Trump Tower Rocks!
Now this is a comfy looking bed if I've ever seen one.
Maybe this should be my inspiration for our bedroom.

Only the best - for $25, you too can have some "bling" water.

S & K

US - enjoying our $35 drinks.

Me & R

C & Me

S & C

Last but not least - S - our professional singer. - Really! :)

All and all it was a fabulous weekend and I'm not sure who had more fun, me or David. We missed our little Tanner man but it's so nice to get away especially considering it rained all weekend. When we got to the hotel I took a peak at the room service book and realized that we could have brought him along! We could have ordered him a gourmet doggy meal and bottled water for only about $50. The turndown service was unbelievable and I'm sure they would have done something extra special for Tanner. Well there's almost next time - right?


Brooke G. said...

Wow... I am soo jealous!
Looks like a fabulous/very posh weekend!

Terri said...

Every now and then a girl deserves to dip her toes in the lush life. You sure had the perfect weekend for it! If you have to be rained in, what better place?

Terri said...

oh, and i also wanted to say that book club was so fun tonight. but i am bummed that you didn't like the book as much as I had hoped. oh well, hopefully this one will be a hit for you!