Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thanks So Much!

I had some fun making these thank you cards and I thought I would share them with everyone. I love the colors and the scallop edge with the fancy label punch. It's a simple card but I think that no matter how simple, it will be much appreciated. It's always fun to receive cards in the mail and I plan on keeping the post office in business, even though they really anger me lately.

I wanted to thank all of my family and friends for all of their support throughout the year. Tis the season to tell everyone how much you love them and I don't think we do it often enough. The year has had it's ups and downs but at the end of the day, I know that I have a number of people that I can call to talk with them about it.

We love you. Here's to another great year!


Mom said...

When I got your thank-you, I thought the color was great, the blue. I'm very impressed with you scrap booking talents. Keep those cards coming. In all the thank-yous I got, no one thanked me for the fudge? Was that a mistake? no more...

Michelle said...

We were lucky to get one of these beautiful thank you cards. Josh thinks your crazy for making them all but I thought it was very heartfelt.