Tuesday, December 9, 2008

And the 1st Christmas Cards Are........

AWESOME! I just can't believe how awesome and creative the first cards we have gotten are. They are absolutely adorable and I truly am looking forward to seeing what else will land in our mailbox. Typically we hate getting the mail because all that we get is bills, bills, and some more bills so there is no rush but with the holidays coming up I will be rushing to see what surprise awaits for us next. I remember just a few years ago how David and I didn't send out Christmas cards but now I've swung to the other end of the pendulum and make all of my cards myself. For me it's another creative outlet and a way for me to show my family and friends how much I care and am thinking of them. I start thinking about it in the fall and then start making them in November so that they arrive in your mailboxes before Christmas. I truly love making the cards for everyone which is a labor of love. We hope you enjoy receiving the cards as much as I love making them. Keep your eyes on your mailboxes!

Look at this adorable card from the Groelle's. Brooke outdid herself once again. But don't feel bad for her - she is in Hawaii as I write this! Isn't the picture cute? - I actually took it for them.

And this is from the Lund's with their newest addition to the family. Too bad that Mia Grace sleeps all day long and they just couldn't get her to stay awake for the picture. She sure looks like an angel in this picture doesn't she?

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Brooke Groelle said...

Thanks Melissa!!
I am glad you liked it.... I was rushing to get them done and was a little bummed that I didn't get them all dudded up exactly as I wanted to... but oh well ;)
The picture is AMAZING... I have a friend who is the BEST photograher... wink wink ;)
I am still waiting for yours..... I can't WAIT to see the final product.