Sunday, December 14, 2008

Laura Caldwell ROCKS!!!

My cherished keepsake ornament - it's autographed!

On Saturday I went to my Book Club Luncheon and the author, Laura Caldwell was there as our guest speaker. I met her earlier this year at my first book club in which we read her book, "The Year of Living Famously" and I absolutely loved the book and her even more. She has the best personality but she also has turned me into a reader once again. I used to read all of the time and then for years I may read only a book or two but that was the extent of it. So this year I made a New Years Resolution to read more and I must say it's the first New Years Resolution that I have ever stuck to. This year I have read 26 books thus far with the help of great author's like Laura that continue to get me to read book after book and also the two book clubs at the library that I have joined have helped as well.

The other part of my New Years Resolution was also to meet more people and expand my circle of friends and acquaintances. So joining the book club was another way for me to meet people with similar interests. The ladies that I have met have really inspired me to continue reading, continue coming to book discussions, and slowly I'm starting to share my thoughts a bit more. At first I will say that I thought it was a bit intimidating because some of the ladies had very strong opinions and others had very profound things to say, so when they spoke - I listened. I haven't been in this type of environment for quite some time and I must say I have learned a great deal from them.

Many of you know that I have done a lot of reading this year and have asked me in the past what book recommendations that I have. Well I must say that I think this is a great time of year to read one of Laura's books and I would recommend starting with "The Year of Living Famously" and then once your hooked you can read some of her other books that are available. For more information on Laura and her wonderful books please check out her website :

The luncheon was such a wonderful event and I was soooo excited to see the ornaments that our book club extraordinaire, Terri, made for us to take with us as a keepsake. The clear ornaments contained lots of beads and then a miniature book cover of one of Laura's books. In addition to this awesome keepsake, it got even better when Laura signed it for me! This is one ornament that I will cherish forever. Keep up the great writing Laura!

P.S. Did I mention that I got to sit next to the author during lunch?!?!?! I'm still a bit "star-struck" after that and only wish I had my camera with me!


Terri said...

Hey Melissa, yesterday afternoon was magical indeed. The best part for me was Laura's message - be aware, be present...because you never know what the universe has in store for you. Meeting and getting to know you "book by book" is on my list of blessings for 2008. Hope to see you soon at the library - maybe when you stop by to pick up your "girls club" book.

Brooke Groelle said...

I am so bummed that I missed it!!
Good for you for going and I am glad you enjoyed it. I love our little book club and am so glad that started attending also.
The ornament looks really cute. I will have to check it out in person next time I am over.

PS -Thanks for all the good book recommendations. I spent the majority of my trip with my nose in a book :)