Saturday, December 6, 2008

Why do we Live in the Midwest?!?!

Since we hosted Thanksgiving last Saturday with my family, we weren't able to put up the tree and do all of our Christmas decorating because we wanted everyone to see our Fall decorations. Plus I was absolutely exhausted from hosting the holiday and wouldn't have had the energy even if I wanted to decorate. So last night Dave and I popped in the National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation movie and put up the tree together - which doesn't happen that often! Usually he assembles the tree and I decorate but this year we were both in it together.

Then this morning I got up bright and early (8:00 am - I know surprising huh?!) and helped Dave shovel the driveway and then put up our outdoor Christmas decorations while it was snowing! I know even more surprising - see what happens when you don't get them up when the weather is still nice. I'm really starting to re-think this whole thing about letting Dave buy a snow-blower, I'm starting to see the many benefits that it would provide including being able to sleep in instead of getting up early to shovel so we can get to work and also that is really back breaking work especially since our driveway has a large retaining wall on both sides so you have to lift the snow and throw it versus just pushing it into the yard. I once thought I liked that retaining wall and I'm starting to rethink that too.

As we were working outside together, Dave made a comment to me that was music to my ears. He said, "why do we live in the Midwest where it snows, it's darn cold and just plain miserable in the winter?" and I used that as an opportunity to remind him how nice it would be in San Diego this time of year. Quite honestly other than how pretty the snow looks (only on days you don't have to drive in it to work) I said I really don't know. We don't ski, in fact I absolutely hate snow skiing and we don't ice-skate, build snowmen, or go sledding so what is the point?...... Am I missing something because I would be just fine with having sand between my toes during Christmas instead of knee deep in snow and slipping on ice. So we decided that next year for Christmas that we will go away for vacation to get a taste for what it would be like.

Tanner had a blast outside this morning while we were working as well and was running around like crazy in his bright red winter jacket. His nose was covered in snow and he was just having a hey-day. Then he realized how darn cold it was and insisted on going inside which he never does when we are outside. He waited by the door patiently for us to get done and was happy to retreat inside where he cuddled up with David on the couch on top of a warm blanket. I will say one good thing about the cold winter is snuggling up with David and Tanner but you can still do that in San Diego right?!?!?! The other positive thing is that I'm sure we would get lots of visitors in a warmer climate so I better start looking for work and an affordable house there soon........


Mom said...

You want to move away from the mid-west. Some people sky and snow board. Old people like me slip around and fall, or hope and pray they don't. What does it cost to fly to San De-what-ago?
Love Ya Mom

Brooke Groelle said...

Just buy him the darn snow-blower!!!!
You CAN'T move!!!!
Who would I scrap with??? And book club with??? and get Stampin'Up stuff from??? and on and on...
I just realized that we have a LOT in common :)
Anyway, I can't lose another friend to sunny San Diego!
Misery loves company here in sucky weather Chicago.

PS. love the new pic up top - you are so funny!!!!