Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

Katie at the age of 20 months already knows the meaning of Christmas. Everytime she sees a Christmas Tree she says "Christmas" and is already working on her Christmas list.

As you can see, Katie would like a Bitty Baby from American Girl from Santa. She got very upset when I took away her catalog and a tug of war ensued. As you can see, she won.
Since we are in Freeport for the holidays this year, I got to spend the afternoon with my adorable niece Katie. She has quite the vocabulary and loves to dance, she sure knows how to "shake it"! Also she has a fast arm or as she says "very fast" when it comes to throwing things at her auntie. I'm trying to teach her to only give hugs and kisses but I think we need to work on that a bit more.
We hope everyone enjoyed their Turkey Day! I am cooking on Satuday for my family and I always look forward to entertaining so I better rest up before the crowd arrives.


Brooke Groelle said...

She is so cute! I am anxious to hear how your Thanksgiving turned out!! Hope it was GREAT!

Michelle said...

Wow! She looks like your brother! I can see you would have lots of fun with her.