Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Online Again - Finally!

I'm finally online once again and I sure have lots to catch up on. I have so many blogs and websites that I check daily and I've been lost over the last week. We rely upon computers so much that I just didn't know what to do. Our computer has been on the fritz and last week it decided to die on us so we had to quickly back up all of our files while panicking that I couldn't lose all of my pictures. I have been saying for years that we needed an external hard drive to back up all of our pictures but unfortunately it didn't make it to the top of my to do list. Well last Thursday the fire alarm went off and David had to quickly get a drive and back up the 19,000 pictures that we had! Yes we had 25,000 files which even surprised me but it got done. Lesson learned - don't procrastinate when it comes to your pictures - you'd think that as an avid scrapbooker that I would know better. I should sometimes practice what I preach!

While this is terrible timing to need a new computer, we really didn't have a choice since we do everything online. I don't even know how to pay my bills if it isn't over the internet so David was in heaven shopping for computers. He was also very excited that I gave him free reign and let him make this decision on his own. When it comes to electronics he gets to make the decisions because I'm pretty clueless and he is the tech-savvy one in the family. The best thing of all is that we got a laptop so now I can blog from anywhere in the house including in front of the tv. Honestly what did we do before laptops, remote controls, cell phones, and i-pod's...?

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Brooke Groelle said...

YAY!!! New computer is exciting. I bought an external hard drive about 6 mths ago... just in case. That reminds me though, I should probably sync it again!!!! Phew... though, at least you didn't loose everything!!! I missed your blog updates - so glad you're back!!!! And yes, the laptop is the best - mobility rocks!!!