Friday, November 7, 2008

FAMILY Album for Amanda

Lacey, Amanda, and Andrew at Christmas 2006

Thom and Amanda in Colorado

Thom, Steve, Wilma, and David after Winnie's funeral

Amanda, Julie, Wilma, Melissa, and Lacey at Christmas 2007
#1 Lacey, Amanda, Andrew
#2 David and I
#3 The entire Anderson Family after Winnie's Funeral
#4 Amanda and her cousin Tanner
This summer Amanda came and stayed with us for a few days before she moved to Vermont with her Dad. Amanda is full of energy and I was told just keep her busy the whole time and she'll be happy. That couldn't be too hard, right?!?! Well she is a tween/teen and it's been a while since I was that age so I thought I would ask her what she would like to do. Of course I got the typical response of "um, I don't know," so I knew I needed to probe a little bit more. After a bit of prodding and a few ideas she said "well what about scrapbooking?" She obviously knows how much her Auntie loves scrapbooking so this idea was a match made in heaven. We headed off to the Archiver's store and decided on a this mini "FAMILY" album because for a first time scrapbooker, you want to start off easy but it definately had to be a work of art. Each page has a different letter that we covered with patterned paper and when the letters are all together it spells Family. Little did I know how much cutting this was going to take but in the end, I think you'll agree that it's a beautifully crafted album for Amanda to remember how much her family loves her, even though we are miles apart.


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wilma J. said...

Well done Melissa! Amanda is so lucky to have a wonderful Auntie like you!

Thom said...

Awwww! It's my little buddy!