Saturday, October 25, 2008

Two Pumpkins at our Pumpkin Patch

Here's my little helper Michael!
What a great big brother he was today.
Here's Alex working really hard to sit up.
Look at those brothers and those smiles.

Oh my... the smiles are getting bigger

and here's Alex saying "BOO!"

Today our friends Josh and Michelle and their kids came over for some camera fun. I offered to help Michelle get some pictures of her kids for a Halloween card that they are sending out soon. Michelle knows how much I love being behind the camera but it sure takes a lot to get two kids smiling at the same time while both looking at the camera! We took about 75 pictures and there were so many to choose from and the process was really a lot of fun. I love tinkering with my camera because secretly I would love to be a photographer but boy do I still have a lot to learn. Hopefully Santa will bring me a new camera lens that I have wanted for quite some time because that would really allow me to go to the next level because a photographer needs good equipment and as you can see I already have adorable subjects to take pictures of.


Brooke Groelle said...

They are ADORABLE!!!!!!
You do good work.... I would hire you!!!! BTW - I think I should have handed you my camera yesterday... no offense to auntie... but I didn't get the greatest shots ;(

Michelle said...


Michelle said...

Thanks so much for taking the pictures, Melissa. I have been getting calls about how cute the picture is. I love this blog. Now that I have figured out how to post to it. You are so amazing. You always come up with new ways to be creative. I looking forward to reading more. The boys feel so lucky to be a part of your blog... Keep up the good work.