Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sock Monkeys and 1 year olds are so Cute!

Happy 1st Birthday Dylan!

Our friends Brooke and Dave have 2 adorable little boys and their youngest turned 1 on Wednesday. Brooke and I go scrapbooking together often and so I had to really rack my brain to come up with an original gift with an adorable card to go with it for his birthday party. The other day I was walking through Target by the toy aisle and when I saw the sock monkey I knew exactly the perfect gift for Dylan but also a card that his mother would definitely appreciate. I decided instead of putting the card in an envelope that I would just hang it from the monkey because as we all know - monkeys love hanging out...! Dylan, I hope you enjoy your new toy as much as I enjoyed putting it all together for you.

To see some pictures from Dylan's birthday and to read my friend Brooke's blog please click here:
Brooke is a great writer and if your a mom you'll definitely appreciate her stories!


Brooke Groelle said...

The pictures don't do it justice.... that is the darn cutest card I have ever SEEN!!!! I love it. I am going to keep it forever!!!!! Dylan loves the monkey too :)
THANKS MELISSA!!!!!! It was good to see you guys yesterday, I am so happy you guys could celebrate with us! Ekk...guess I should get pics up soon!!!!!

Crystal B said...

Such an adorable gift and I LOVE the card that goes with it ;)