Friday, October 10, 2008

My First Blog!

Ok here it first blog post! Whoo hoo!

I have spent so much time reading other blogs which have mostly been related to scrapbooking or stamping or just anything crafty and I thought it's about time that I do my own. Thanks to my friend Brooke who just started one and I thought...what the heck I should do one too instead of just reading others. I was so surprised to see how easy it was to start one and I'm hoping this will help me to stay in touch more with my family and friends.

This week I was on a "staycation" and I loved every minute of it. I've got to indulge in many guilty pleasures this week including reading, taking naps, scrapbooking, making cards, sleeping in, decorating the house for Halloween (my favorite holiday), shopping and just enjoying time not spent worrying about something work related. I know that my hubby Dave and dog Tanner loved having me home too. I actually cooked and baked this week!

I have lots of fun pics to post shortly from our anniversary trip into the city and most recently our trip to the pumpkin patch. We really are kids at heart.


Brooke Groelle said...

Glad that I inspired you to blog. All it really took was for me to read this month's CK mag. There is an article about blogging. One woman said that her blog is her on-line scrapbook. My ears purked up instantly!!!
Love the pics!!!

Wilma said...

Hi Melissa,

That is so great. I read every word! Not sure how to leave the comment but will do what I can.

I want to make the Pumpkin dessert, but then I would eat them, not a good idea!

Our Springfield trip was a lot of fun and we need to do it again. So don't feel bad, we will need to do either that or another family trip....

Is Thanksgiving at my house going to work for you and David?