Friday, October 17, 2008

Things Aren't Like They Used to Be...

We DVR the Oprah show everyday because I love watching her shows so that I can remain "in the know" but I don't always agree with her opinions. I have been trying to get tickets for years with no luck but I'm bound to get them someday - hopefully not before the show is off the air! This week one of her shows was about how 80% of Americans think that rudeness is a serious national problem, but only 99% of the same people say that they themselves are not rude. So in watching the show we took the "so how rude are you?" quiz and I have to say that I was a bit surprised by my score. I scored a 6 out of 13, and I always have taken pride in my manners because my mother taught me well.
Let's see how rude you are and take the test for yourself below:
1. Are you chronically late?
Never, I absolutely hate being late and think it's disrespectful for people to leave you waiting all of the time. There are some friends of mine that are always late and I just don't get it.
2. Have you ever typed an email while talking on the phone?
All day long at work, I call it multi-tasking but I do type quietly.
3. Have you ever interrupted a face to face conversation to take a non-urgent cell phone call?
Not that I recall, I guess that would send a message that your not too important to me.
4. Have you gone through the supermarket 10-item express lane with more than 10 items?
No, everyone knows that I am a rule follower to a fault - which is why I'm in HR.
5. While among friends or co-workers, have you yawned without covering your mouth?
Not on purpose...I do yawn alot though because I can never get enough sleep.
6. Have you ever texted or talked on a cell phone in a movie theatre?
Umm....does emailing on the blackberry count? If so I do that all the time but before the movie starts so maybe this should only be 1/2 a point and not a full point. :)
7. Have you let your dog relieve himself on your neighbor's lawn?
Wow, I didn't know that was rude....he's gotta go when nature calls but I ALWAYS pick up after him because not doing so would be very rude.
8. Have you ever cut in front of a someone in line?
Uhh yeah I have but I'm more non-chalant about it and make it seem like I didn't see them but that's only if I know they will take forever to check out.
9. Have you ever stolen someone's parking spot?
NO but I had it happen to me at the mall right before Christmas and I really blew a gasket - not one of my proudest moments. I had waited about 2 minutes for the spot before this woman took it right under me from the other way. This is why I shop online because it's just not worth it. I think I lost a few years off my life for that near heart attack.
10. Have you ever let your child kick the back of the seat in front of you and not apologized to his victim?
Well no because I don't have kids but believe it or not, out of 42,000 people polled, only 2% said yes. Come on parents - your kids do it ALL THE TIME and I don't think I have ever gotten an apology. This will go on my things I'll never tolerate as a parent list.
11. Have you ever not RSVP's for an event by the date requested?
On a rare occasion and only because it slipped my mind. Sorry.
12. Have you ever gossiped?
No response necessary.
13. Have you ever taken someone else's food or drink from the office refrigerator?
No, I'm a germaphobe and I don't know who has had there hands in that food, I think it's completely disgusting.
Well there you have it, I am ruder than I thought, so I guess I have a few things to work on. I'd love to hear how you ranked on this test. I guess we have to be self aware of our flaws otherwise we'll never change them.

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