Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Amanda!

Today is our niece, Amanda's birthday, and she recently moved to Vermont with her Dad so we are unable to celebrate with her. We all miss her very much, she is a very energetic little girl that is growing up way to quickly but she sure has a sparking personality!

Amanda spent a weekend with us in July before she moved and we had lots of fun including during our little "photo shoot" in the backyard. She is very photogenic as you can tell and she has the best fashion style of anyone I know. Of course she wants to grow up to be a fashion designer or something related to fashion. I can tell you that I would love to take her shopping with me because she probably would add a little bit a trendy twist to my more conservative style of dress. She told her grandma that she wanted Ugg boots for her birthday and I must say I was a bit jealous because I want a pair of those boots!

I have known Amanda since she was two years old and I remember how excited she would become when I pulled up to her grandma's house in my red car because she would yell "Pissy's car, Pissy's car" because she couldn't enunciate her M's at that point. Luckily she calls me Aunt Missy now and I have luckily dropped her other nickname she had for me. I also remember her love for pizza and her uncle David would bring home pizza for her on Monday's because he worked late on Monday's. She would pick of the cheese and eat just that. She also loved ketchup so much that she would dip her fries in ketchup but forget to eat the fries. She sure was a funny little girl and continues to be so even though she is growing up to be quite the young lady.

We miss you Amanda and hope you had a great birthday!

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Brooke Groelle said...

Happy Birthday Amanda! I enjoyed getting to know you at the beach when you were visiting with Aunt Missy and Uncle Dave. I love the photo :) Too cute!!!