Sunday, October 19, 2008

Girls and their Dolls are so Precious

I got to spend the afternoon with my family in Freeport today and I got to see how much my niece Katie has changed since last time I saw her in August. She truly is growing up fast and is a very smart and adorable little girl (as you can see above). Lately she hasn't been sleeping through the night very well so it's been a tough go for Nick and Kelly because they aren't sleeping either. The last few nights have been much better but the week before she would cry for hours and hours before she would fall asleep. She got a 2 hour nap in today before we all got together and then she had lots of fun playing afterwards with my cousin Bailee who is so good with her. After playing with Bailee for a while it appears that she got tired and walked over by this rug next to the sliding glass door and just laid down. Hmmm.....I wonder if she wanted to nap again or just give her Auntie M a photo opportunity? I think you'll agree she is a great subject to photograph and I think these photos capture all the qualities that make her one of the most adorable little girls ever. I love you Katie!

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Allison said...

Your neice is adorable! I can see why you love taking pictures of her! Okay, I am addicted to your blog!! You are so creative -- I wish I had half of your creativity! I enjoy keeping up with you and Dave and am glad things are going so well. Talk to you soon!