Saturday, October 11, 2008

6 Year Wedding Anniversary Trip

Last weekend for our 6 year wedding anniversary, we decided to spend it in the city and we had a blast. Even though we live fairly close to Chicago, we don't get to go down there as often as we would like. We ended up going on a dinner cruise on the Odyssey and beforehand we went on the huge ferris wheel at Navy Pier. This picture was taken as we were about 150 feet up in the air and the view was breathtaking despite my fear of heights! That night we got to see fireworks that were shot off from the Pier and it was a beautiful fireworks sure beats the fireworks that we saw on the 4th in Wauconda. After our cruise we headed back to our hotel so that Dave could watch the end of the Cubs game....he couldn't wait to see them lose but I made him promise to keep his cheers to himself since we were watching from the Big Bar at the Hyatt with a huge audience of Cubs fans.

David is a die-hard Cardinals fan and he absolutely hates the Cubs (sorry but he thinks many of the fans are obnoxious especially when they talk about "the curse"). Growing up I was always a Cubs fan but after living with David for 9 years, it's easier to cheer for his team than against them. However I will say that I have converted him to be a Bears fan now since he has recently given up on the Raiders. In fact he took my dad to his first Bears game a few weeks and they had a blast despite losing in OT.

Anyways after he watched the Cubs lose their 3rd game in the series we called it a night. The next morning we had some breakfast and we got to sleep in which was very nice. Then we headed down to the river for our Architectural Boat Tour which was awesome. We both have an appreciation for architecture and we loved learning more about the buildings and seeing it from a different perspective.

After our boat tour we had some lunch and did some window shopping on Michigan Ave. It was raining in the afternoon and we had to head back to pick up Tanner before the kennel closed. While our trip downtown was a short one, we really had a blast and loved doing something a bit different to celebrate our Anniversary.

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