Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Talented Mother Does it Again...

It's a Tanner - sized Quilt!
I saw this gorgeous quilt on flickr and I asked my mom to make it for me

little did I know that she would have it done and in our mailbox 3 days later!

I love the orange fabrics and the owl with the button eyes. It reminds me of a scrapbook page which I plan on doing shortly once I have some pictures from Halloween in hand. Yes, Tanner and I will be dressing up, and I'll post pictures next weekend. We'll be dressed up for the kids that come to our house but I'm sure we'll go for a stroll around the neighborhood as well and who knows - maybe Tanner will get a dog bone or two. Our mail lady leaves treats for Tanner all the time which he absolutely loves. With a face like that how can you resist not giving him some treats. Thanks mom for the beautiful wall hanging - we love it!!!

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