Monday, December 28, 2009

A New Year – A New Blogger

laptop 2This past year, I have worked really hard to try and learn Photoshop, take better pictures, and write content for my readers that will have them begging for more. I read so many brilliant blogs and I strive to be just like them but I’ve slowly figured out that it simply isn’t possible. Many of them are SAHM’s and blogging is their full time jobs outside of raising children. My life is very different and the reason I blog is very different so of course I should have realized a long time ago to just lighten up and remember why I blog.

Here’s my new blogging philosophy:

  • Have fun – it shouldn’t be chore. If I don’t have anything to blog about, don’t stress, and don’t make something up.
  • Keep taking those pictures. Practice makes perfect but unfortunately I only get take pictures during the evening and only on the weekends during the day and we all know that natural light rules. I just need to get over it.
  • Throw Photoshop out the window and embrace an easier way to edit my photos. A big thanks to Centsational Girl who finally made me realize that you can still edit pictures without using Photoshop. Thanks to her, I am loving Picasa!!! (Did you see the blog banner I created in less than 1 hour?)
  • Hug Windows Live Writer and thank Microsoft for making my blogging life easier. Do you hate how you have to upload photos in Blogger? If so you have to try this, it’s a 1000x easier.
  • Continue to learn new things. In the last week I have learned how to use Windows Live Writer, Picasa, and make my own banner thanks to the help of the wonderful bloggers out there. Keep sharing and spread the joy of blogging to others. Have you thought about starting a blog? Stop thinking and just do – I promise you will love it.

Thanks for listening to my new blogging philosophy, I feel like I have lifted 20 lbs off of my shoulders.



MamaBear said...

I'm a HUGE fan of Picasa myself. It is a wonderful way to organize and do quick edits. One thing to keep in mind about Live Writer is that it messes with the resolution of your photos so if you ever want to turn you blog into a hardcover album using Blurb, your photos won't be very big. (as in only 2x3 at best).

Good for you for embracing blogging the way you have! I love the content you share!

It's hard to keep up with both work and blogging and you're right, if it's becoming a chore then it's time to reevaluate why and when you blog. I'm hoping to make some changes to my blogging frequency and content in the next year, especially my business blog. If I can streamline things I'll have more time for the 'fun' bloggging on my family site.

Melissa said...

Thanks so much for the heads up about Live Writer and picture sizes - I had no idea to be honest with you about that. At this point I don't plan on creating an album but someday that will certainly be a possibility. For now I will continue to scrapbook our memories and maintain my blog online.

Brooke G. said...

I love your new philosophy. For me, blogging is about sharing, connecting and most importantly DOCUMENTING!!!!! It is hard to not consider your audience, but really - WHO CARES! Write about what inspires you! You do such a fantastic job with your blog. I really enjoy following along. Keep it up ;)