Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Favorite Restaurant on Earth

I LOVE SEAFOOD!!! It is my favorite food of all and the best place to have seafood in my opinion is at Joe's Stone Crab (not to be mistaken by that awful Joe's Crab Shack). There are 3 locations in the US which include Miami (the original), Chicago, and Las Vegas. I'm proud to say I've eaten at all of them multiple times but I have to say the original restaurant in Miami is my favorite. The ambience there is unbelievable and besides the best food ever, the people-watching is incredible as well. I hope that everyone is able to eat there at least once and when you go, you MUST eat stone crab! I promise it's the best crab you'll ever eat.

And when it comes to dessert, the key lime pie melts in your mouth and leaves you begging for more. On their website they actually had the recipe and I can't wait to try making it to see if it really is as good. Interested in the recipe, here you go.

I plan on eatting dinner at Joe's this week and I can't wait. My mouth is watering just looking at these pictures.


Anonymous said...

Have some for me!


Fryer Family said...

Sounds delicious!