Sunday, December 27, 2009

2 Days + 5 Christmas' = 1 Blessed Holiday

We managed to celebrate 5 Christmas' over 2 days and traveled many miles before having our last Christmas at home. The weather was very wet but some snow started appearing on the 25th but that was only the beginning of what was to be on the 26th - a TON of snow! We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays as much as we did.

David will never be lost again thanks to his new GPS.

Tanner gave me a nice gift certificate to Banana Republic. What can I say - he likes a stylish mama!

A Willow Tree figurine from the hubby (thanks Kelly!)

Hanging out at the family's house after a delicious meal.
Can you tell I'm in a sugar induced coma thanks to Nancy's Neiman Marcus cake?!

Steve & Andrew

Just Us.

My favorite 2 boys

Amanda, Lacey, Andrew & Wilma

Can you tell I got a new lens for Christmas?
I love it!!! Thanks mom & dad!



My brother - oh so happy to go shopping at Cabela's.




Mom - check out her new jewelry around her neck - sweet!

These were the presents only from 1 of the 5 Christmases!
What can we say, we love our little nieces!!!

It was a magical 2 days and Santa sure treated us well.
We hope that all of our loved one's were able to enjoy a few magical days with family as well.
Happy Holidays!!!


Fryer Family said...

Our Christmas celebration was wonderful. You got a lot of great pictures! Thanks again for all the thoughtful gifts.

Anonymous said...

I was in 2 of the 5. The meal for #1 was so tasty to every detail. Many cooks in the kitchen can and did work. The presents, yes we cut back, but can't tell by picture of Christmas Tree. Love was there in our hearts, but we missed Grandma and her fudge, or her sweet blessings. Merry Christmas from Santa.