Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Birthday Celebration

It’s true – I’m another year older and hopefully not showing my age quite yet wiser. I’m starting to see those little lines showing up on my face and I’ve decided that I’m going to fight that kicking and screaming all of the way to the spa. I started my day at the dentist to get those pearly whites white again thanks to my 6 month cleaning. It was quick and painless and then I headed to the spa for my facial. I had some time to kill so I used my Banana Republic gift card from Tanner to purchase a new sweater – can you tell I love sweaters with big collars on them? I think Tanner loves mama’s new warm sweater too. 

Anyways – sorry I regressed a bit but after a little shopping I received an hour of absolute pampering. My esthetician said my skin was a bit dry and she felt my ‘acne’ was due to stress – does that mean I get to do this more often? She also commented about my little lines and I didn’t like that too much. Did she have to point that out?!?! I guess I should have tipped her at the beginning so all she said was wonderful things to me. The facial was wonderful – can you see my skin glowing below?33rd bday 003 I then went to my neighbor Jen’s house to hang out while her kids napped and we drank a bottle of wine. It was oh so good and so was her wonderful company!

The hubby finally got home from work and he just couldn’t wait to give me my birthday gift. David is so good to me and bought me a new camera bag. Thanks Honey! 33rd bday 013 I guess Tanner helped pick it out too so I had to pose with my best bud. Isn’t he the cutest?33rd bday 011 It’s finally dinner time! While I really wanted to have Joe’s Stone Crab (not to be mistaken for Joe’s Crab Shack) but it was too far to drive so we went to Bob Chinn’s Crab House.33rd bday 015 David swiftly told our waitress it was my birthday (thanks hon) and she was very quick to bring me my first mai tai. Did you know they have the best mai tai’s anywhere? 33rd bday 024 I was planning on getting King Crab Legs but then David pointed out the stone crab – I ended up ordering them hoping they were as good as Joe’s but was disappointed. (Sorry Bob but you could learn a thing or two from Joe…..)33rd bday 026 David on the other hand got the King Crab Legs and they were delicious and I was jealous but luckily he was kind enough to share. Luckily the mai tai’s and the birthday cake they brought me made up for it. 33rd bday 027 Last but not least I had to pose with the Tiki man in the parking lot – yes I’m a dork but it was a photo moment I couldn’t pass up.

33rd bday 033

I also wanted to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes, cards, and gifts I received. It meant so much to me especially since it’s at such a busy time of year. I can’t only hope that the next year is as full of blessings as this year!


Mom said...

What a birthday! It's not in my imagination to do all that. Not even the wine while kids nap. I guess I'm from the country for sure. Good thing you had pictures, I didn't know what crab looked like, or King Crab. You did not mention your age??? Double digits is it? Right, 22 and loving every minute. We all love you very much, even with lines in your face.--Mom

Nancy said...

Sounds like it was a great celebration! I vote for more spa visits, even though you don't need them. They are still a necessity!


Melissa said...

Mom - I'me forever 29......a woman never reveals her true age!!!

MamaBear said...

Happy Birthday Melissa! I'm so glad we've had a chance to reconnect this past year!

I'm a big fan of the big necked sweater too - I have 5 of them. :)

Brooke G. said...

Happy, happy BIRTHDAY!!! Just remember that age is just a number ;)

Queenie Jeannie said...

Happy Birthday!