Saturday, March 6, 2010

It’s Official – I’ve Completed the 30 Day Shred


It’s official, I have managed to complete the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, and I’m alive to talk about it- barely! There are 3 work-outs on the DVD and I’ve managed to successfully complete the 1st and 2nd work-outs. Wow – they get progressively harder and more boot camp-ish if you know what I mean. When I was working out to the 2nd work-out I always told David to have the phone close by in case he needs to call 911 quickly. Seriously, it’s hardcore and intense. Also I’ll never make another bet like this again, committing to 30 days was the dumbest bet I’ve made and many nights I was working out at 10:30 on a work night. I’m also stubborn so I had to do it no matter what and that made me mighty grumpy at times.

Ok, enough about the bad stuff and on to the good stuff. I won the bet and David is treating me to Joe’s Stone Crab, my favorite restaurant in the US – seriously, it’s that good and I’ve been to some great places. The other upside is that physically I am so much stronger and it’s slowly starting to show. My waistline is whittling down but at a slow pace. Jillian says you can lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days, I wish I could tell you those were my results but they weren’t. I’ve struggled a bit with doing the diet and the exercise at the same time. Working out intensely makes you very hungry but I still managed to lose 7 pounds. Good start I guess but so much more to go. Many are wondering – will you continue to exercise? Absolutely, I didn’t kill myself for 30 days for nothing and this was the jumpstart I needed.

P.S. I’m not sure when we will have our dinner downtown at Joe’s but don’t worry, I’ll take pictures! I want the best table in the restaurant and planning on going all out that evening including wearing a new dress I bought for the cruise.


PRichards said...

Woohoo! I knew you could do it!

Nancy said...

Congrats! It's awesome you stuck with it. I know it's tough, but just knowing you are treating your body well by exercising and eating healthier is wonderful. Keep up your new healthy lifestyle and you'll feel great!


Brooke G. said...

You ROCK girl!!! I knew you would do it too :D I am so impressed that you stuck with it.

Miquel said...

Great job Melissa! :-)

Allison said...

So, I just so happen to know the general manager at Joes, he is one of my oldest friends. If you need me to pull some strings I could probably get you the BEST table and a free dessert...let me know!
I have been privileged enough to sample ALL of the desserts. Get the Tres Leches cake YOU WON'T BE SORRY!