Monday, March 22, 2010

Our Little Surprise

We had quite the surprise on Saturday - not only did we go from 65 degree weather on Friday to a snowstorm on Saturday but this little snowman magically appeared in our front yard. Notice it's facing the house and not the street. We followed the foot prints and saw that they led to our neighbor's house. When you ask the twins next door who made the snowman you get two different answers. Liam says that "gypsies" built the snowman but Emily tells us that "these guys" built the snowman while pointing to her brother and dad. I have to say it put quite a smile on our faces. Isn't the snowman cute?

So spill the beans....have you left a little surprise for your neighbors? We are trying to brainstorm and come up with a little something for our neighbors as well. It has to be rated G so get those dirty ideas out of your head.

1 comment:

Brooke G. said...

That is so cute :D I love that they built it facing your house and not the street. Funny!!!