Monday, March 15, 2010

Oatmeal Crispies – Pioneer Woman Style

 041 CHOP the pecans.

043 MIX the butter and sugars.

045 BEAT the eggs and vanilla.

046 MIX the white ingredients with the brown ingredients.

049 POUR in the oats and pecans and mix.


Roll it into a log and wrap it in waxed paper.

074BAKE & EAT!

I love all of Pioneer Woman’s recipes and had to try the Oatmeal Crispies out with my friends that came over on Sunday for my card-making party. It makes 2 large logs and I kept the other in the fridge until my husband got back from his guy’s weekend. He felt extra special arriving home  to freshly baked cookies (bonus points for me). He then rewarded me with a gift that came in a little blue box – you win honey, you can go on another guy’s weekend next year!

Check out the recipe here. What can I say, her photography kicks my @$% but I still had fun snapping some pics of my labor of love.


human about said...

Let’s enjoy day, enjoy life, enjoy everything. Great blog mellinda, I added u in my link list, would u add me too. Thanx

Brooke G. said...

I LOVEd those darn Crispies. I think I ate about 6 of them!!! :D

Fryer Family said...

They look delicious.