Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bulls vs. Mavericks Game

David and I headed down to see the Bulls play the Mavericks at the United Center. We got tickets from some friends at the last minute and they were awesome seats! We sat on the floor behind the basket in the 8th row. We also had aisle seats so I was able to take lots of pictures in addition to cheering the Bulls on. We didn’t cheer loud enough I guess because they didn’t win but we sure tried.

Here’s a few pictures of our fun date night.

Bull Game 3-6-09 062 David – brought out the Bulls hat for the game.Bull Game 3-6-09 072

Me – waving my “brick” sign and balloons to distract those shooting free-throws. It worked once!

Bull Game 3-6-09 003

 At the beginning of he game, Coach Lovie and his new recruits showed up at the game and waltzed right by me. I wasn’t quick enough to get a picture with them but this counts I guess. Chicago welcomed the new players to town with a round of applause – hopefully they’ll live up to that next year.Bull Game 3-6-09 025

Bull Game 3-6-09 049

Bull Game 3-6-09 051

Bull Game 3-6-09 068

Did you watch the game? Did you see me waving my sign and balloons? Probably not but that’s ok, it was an awesome game but best of all I spent it with David.


Brooke G. said...

Great pics!!!! Dave took Chase a couple months ago and they sat right down there on the floor too. They had a ball. (Except Chase was too short to sit on the floor and couldn't see much!!!) Looks like a blast. HUGS!

Fryer Family said...

Cool! It looks like you had a fun time!