Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Photography Assignment #3

I just completed my week 3 photography assignment which consisted of landscape (blah) and a your choice shot. Since I just got my extension tubes in the mail (love, love, love) I thought that was the perfect opportunity to showcase them using macro photography shots. I headed to a couple of our local forest preserves early Sunday morning and got a couple of shots. Well actually A LOT of shots but that's part of the assignment, take at least 20 of the same subject. At first I didn't think that was necessary but once you start taking more and more shots you realize that there are a million ways to shoot the same subject and hence comes the creativity.

Your Choice shot #1
Your Choice Shot #2
and my favorite!
Landscape #1
Landscape #2


Emily {Frilly Details} said...

Gorgeous pictures! I'm going to have to look into an extension tube. I've never heard of anything like that!!

Thanks for your comment on our dining room! The previous owner was a professional painter and customized the paint color. I fell in love with it when we first looked at the house. I wish I knew the special mix formula!

Michele said...

Great job with the extension tubes!