Sunday, November 7, 2010

Photography Assignment #4

This week's photography assignment was architecture and people/animals. Originally I planned on taking pictures of Tanner for the assignment but I ended up going back home to help my brother move and these horses were across the street from his new home. I had to take an opportunity to capture these beautiful animals but I don't think they were as happy about it as I was - 2 of the 3 tried to charge me at the fence!

This horse above was the first in the bunch to try and charge me.
My niece named him "Charge" - how appropriate.

This white horse was the 2nd horse that came at me for trying to take pictures during dinner time. My niece named him "Whitey".
Notice them eyeing me while they are eating?

Here comes "Charge" coming after me.
This is the only shot with all 3 of the horses but unfortunately that branch is cutting off "Charge".
This is my favorite horse shot - look at those nostrils.

This isn't part of the assignment but I am putting them in anyways.
My niece plucked the "hair" off of each one of these after I took some pictures.
She is quite the explorer and loves nature including bugs.

These 3 pictures are part of my architecture assignment that I took of the 5 story spiral staircase. The building I work in is absolutely gorgeous but I was in a hurry to get the shots done before the sun set one evening.
The first 2 shots are from the 1st floor looking up and the last is from the 5th floor looking down.

I hope you enjoyed this week's assignment, next week is our final assignment and I picked railroad tracks for my subject.....haven't had anytime to get pictures so this ought to be interesting. Stay tuned.


Brooke G. said...

Yours turned out great!!! I like the shot of the three of them together - even with the branch there! The lighting is fantastic! I still have no idea what I am bringing in tomorrow - ekkk!

Terri said...

I think your photography class posts are among my very favorites. I love every single one of these shots Melissa! Very cool!

Susan said...

Great photos and beautiful horses! From their ears, it looks like they were charging you in the hopes you had treats for them. :-) The nose shot is too cute.

I love the shots of the drying milkweed too. I remember thinking they were so cool while growing up. I had forgotten all about them until I saw your picture.