Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A little bit Nantucket & A little bit Cottage Chic

Who doesn't love a personal style quiz - right? I love them and Sproost has a great one to try and I liked how the results turned out. It said I was 67% Cottage Chic and 33% Nantucket which tells me I am one beachy kind of lady. I dream of living near the beach someday but until then, I'll incorporate the beachy feel into my house.

 I love the furniture and how it's laid out in the room above.
It's so airy and relaxing.
 The furniture and room layout still has me wishing for warmer days at the beach.
 The coffee table and accessories are perfect.
 And here's my favorite room of all.

 One beautiful picture wall.
 Love, love, love this coffee table!
I've been eyeing one just like it for about a year.
 Furniture and rug are perfect.
And look at that cute dog relaxing on the coach - reminds me of our living room.

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