Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Liam and Emily's Photoshoot

I was excited when a friend asked me to take pictures of her twins at a local park while I was on my "stay-cation". I love taking pictures and children are so fun to shoot because you can really capture their personalities. Usually my nieces are my photo victims but given that they live far away I don't get to take their pictures too often. So I was excited to get out in the beautiful weather and spend some time with a great family. Here's a few that I thought I would share.

The photo above was one of my favorites - doesn't she look like an angel?
She is really warming up to the camera and posing for me.
Doesn't he look so mature? I think he's wise beyong his years.
Then they started getting goofy on me and this was not my prompting. I tried to make it fun and the key was to keep them moving. They were itching to change clothes and go to the playground.
Looking for pennies in the wishing well.
This reminds me of Forrest Gump sitting on the bench.

Mom was hiding something for them to find and they were concentrating really hard.

And there you have it, our little trip to shoot some photos of the cutest twins around. They grow up fast and I was happy to capture these pictures for the family.


Brooke G. said...

Those turned out GREAT :D Where did you go? I forgot to tell you that the photos I took of Tiff's kiddos were taken at Nippersink Forest Preserve. It is on 120 just East of Fairfield. Nice and close :D

Fryer Family said...

What a fun photo shoot! The pictures look great, which isn't hard with such adorable kids!