Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Laundry Room Demo - Day 2

Yesterday we completed day 2 in the construction of our new laundry space. In day 1 we demoed the area and had the plumbing moved so we could gain our extra 6 inches of space. And in day 2 they completed the building of the wall on the left side and began drywalling the area. They didn't get as much done on day 2 but they were only working on it for a 1/2 day because of another project they were working on. Tanner and I got to sleep in so that was a big bonus.

You can see that it's coming together and the most exciting part of the new appliances arrived! They are temporarily sitting in the garage but I have been studying the manual so that I will know how to use all of the settings once it's time to start doing laundry again. It's really piling up so I hope they are done soon.

Stay tuned for details on what was accomplished on day 3 - I'm hoping the drywall is complete and the tiling on the floor but we'll see.


PRichards said...

Your washer and dryer look so nice (and bigger than the old ones)! It is fun watching the transformation. I can't wait to see the final pictures!

Fryer Family said...

It's great to see progress. I LOVE your new washer and dryer!