Thursday, August 19, 2010

Laundry Room Demo - Day 3

We just completed day 3 of our laundry room transformation and I'm sure you will all be just as excited as we will be once it's done. Are you sick of me blogging about it yet?!?! I really need to do some laundry here soon and I don't want to spend all weekend doing it - but wait....I can wash big loads now! But still, I don't want stacks of laundry looming over me. I have the hardest part of the job - folding and putting it away.

Here's a recap of our transformation thus far:
  • On Day 1 we demoed the area and moved all of the plumbing to gain our extra 6 inches of space.
  • On Day 2 they built the new wall and began to drywall the area.
  • On Day 3 they finishing putting up the drywall, laid the tiles on the floor, installed the can lights, and assembled the cabinets.
Next we need to finish up the walls, grout the tiles, prime and paint the walls and ceiling (YUCK!), install the cabinets, and last but not least......install the washer and dryer. I also have some finishing touches that I'm looking  forward to sharing with you. Let's just say I created art that didn't cost me anything!

I hope you stay with us as we finish the laundry room transformation that will allow us to wash and dry big loads of laundry in style.


Brooke G. said...

Ohhhhh - it is almost DONE!
Those new machines look AWESOME!!!! I am bringing my laundry over - HA!!!! :D

Fryer Family said...

The tiles and lights look great. I really like the cabinets too!