Monday, August 2, 2010

Laundry Room Demo - Our First Problem

I'm very excited about the possibility of having full-size washer/dryer in our basement and we have begun the process of working with a contractor to figure out how to make that possible. Sounds simple right? Well not when you are dealing with the space limitations that we are. There are a lot of options but they are slowly getting more and more expensive! One option was to convert my scrapbooking/craft closet into a laundry closet and I can't even imagine giving that up so we really have to figure out a way to make this work. Yesterday I shared with you what my dream laundry room would look like in this post and today I thought I would share the reality of the situation with you. Follow me through this adventure.

We had bi-fold doors here but after having to remove them for the bazillionith 10th time to have repairs done on our washing machine, my hubby tore them down and I decided to hang curtains from Ikea instead. Thanks Mom for hemming them for us!

Here's the tiniest front-loaders you can buy and they are junk! It takes an hour and a half to dry one load of clothes and that may only consist of 4 bath towels if you are lucky and I'm talking bath towels not bath sheets. Seriously it's ridiculous and the reason we need full-size appliances is to keep my sanity. The options for small washers and dryers is non-existent and stackables are out of the question - I hate them even more. We have to have full-size when we have a family and fixing this problem will help with the resale value of our home. Who wants to buy a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house with tiny appliances - no one I know!

We thought we had figured out the solution that was going to be easiest and the cheapest until we discovered this freakin pipe behind the wall we were planning on building out - this is a big problem! We were so disappointed to discover this problem and now we know why no one has fixed this problem in the past. We are very motivated and working with Peg, we will find a solution! Stay tuned as we go through our first demo adventure together.

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Fryer Family said...

Good luck with your laundry room. I hope it goes smoother from now on!