Thursday, July 16, 2009

What Colors Are Inspiring You?

I have a laundry list of blogs that I check out on a regular basis via my google reader and this post on "High Heeled Foot in the Door" had me loving that gray couch and the green accent colors. That got me thinking about how much color inspires us and how much it can change how we look and feel about ourselves and our environment. I thought I would share a couple of the pictures that have inspired me today with one common color throughout. Any guesses on what that might be?

GRAY! No not drabby gray but beautiful, classy gray. It's become the new black for me and I absolutely love this color, just look in our garage and see how much we love gray. I came across this gray inspiration board on what other blog than, Grey Likes Weddings. Ah, isn't it a beautiful color?

Peach and Mint Green - how can you not love this color combination? Grey Likes Weddings put together this Peachy Keen inspiration board and even though I'm not getting married, this is one blog that is plump full of inspiration and will have you think - should we renew our vows and have another wedding celebration?

Oh my oh my, how gorgeous are these place settings? I wouldn't want to dirty up the place setting after seeing this, I would prefer to stare and admire the colors. I love the mason jar wrapped in twine with beautiful roses. For more inspiration, check out this post on hostess saavy for more inspiration.

What colors are inspiring you right now? Does it change from season to season? Do you have go-to colors for what you like to wear or how you like to decorate? Do you love color or do you prefer to stick to basics? Do tell.


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Fryer Family said...

My favorite color is red! I also really like blue and green. Some colors I love to wear are blue, pink, purple, green and also brown, black and gray. We seem to decorate a lot with reds, blues and greens.