Friday, July 17, 2009

DIY: How to Frame a Seafan

About a month ago I came across this idea to frame a Seafan in a shadow box from Bower Power and I knew this was an idea that I wanted to do for our 2nd bathroom which has a beachy theme. It's rather simple because all you need is a seafan, shadowbox, cardstock paper, and adhesive. Yes, it's that simple and I think it's gorgeous and classy decor. The hardest part of this project is getting your hands on a Seafan especially if you don't live by the sea, but we discovered that you can buy anything on Ebay.

Cardstock paper, gluedots (adhesive), and scissors

All you do is trim the cardstock to the size of your shadow box and adhere the seafan to the paper. You need to use a shadow box versus a picture frame because of the end of the seafan that is 3 dimensional but if you want to cut that off you could use a frame.

Here's my Seafan in the 2nd bathroom next to the beachy picture already framed.

Our little window with some birds and toiletries for bathtime.

Another view of the bathroom

This was a super quick project and I love that I finally have some artwork hanging up in the bathroom. I'm thinking about framing a starfish into a smaller shadow box but I don't want this room to be too themed which is always a problem for me. In addition to hanging these 2 frames, I pounded about 20 nails into our walls today but you'll have to wait to see where the other 18 nails went.


Terri said...

you come up with some of the coolest ideas melissa! i'm inspired!

Brooke G. said...

Ohhhhh..... Ahhhhhh!
Love it. I will have to check it out in person tonight - YAHOOOO! I can't wait. And I AMMM coming - sick kid and all ;)

Fryer Family said...

The framed seafan is really cool. It looks great in your bathroom!

Michelle said...

Now I missed that last Saturday! I'll have to check it out next time.