Friday, July 24, 2009

Blogs I Adore - Making It Lovely

Nicole Balch from Making It Lovely is actually a local talent from Oak Park (home of Frank Lloyd Wright too) and she is the owner of Pink Loves Brown. When she isn't working on remodeling and decorating her 1920's bungalow she's working on her business Pink Loves Brown where she designs and sells cards, stationary, gift sets, magnets, etc. Nicole and her hubby are keeping busy with the latest addition to their family, their adorable daughter Eleanor.

Nicole posts a style post each month pulling together outfits that look lovely on just about anyone. She posts the pictures and also where you can find the various pieces for the outfit. Below is the July post and I'm absolutely drooling over the purse and shoes below, aren't they drool worthy?

You may have heard about the Better Homes & Gardens 48 hour challenge that took place this spring/summer between 5 bloggers. They were given $500 to spend at Home Depot and 48 hours to complete a weekend project. Well there was very stiff competition between Making It Lovely and This Young House (now known as Young House Love) but I think the hand-painted floor that looks like a rug cinched the win for Making It Lovely. It was the most beautifully painted floor I've ever seen and did I mention that Nicole was 9 months pregnant when she did it?

I know you are dying to see that floor and as you can see they redid their front porch for the challenge. Isn't the green and pink so refreshing and relaxing for a porch?

And look at lucky Eleanor's nursery......ahhhh!

She put together the details of the nursery for her readers. I love that she is so generous with sharing every detail of her rooms including where she got the various items. This is so helpful when you want something that she put in a room. (Note: I'm not putting together a nursery but this was just one example-sorry.)

Didn't get enough of the front porch? Here's a before and after, what a difference and it only cost $500!

Last but not least, here's her business website Pink Loves Brown.

Thanks Nicole and keep the inspiration and beautiful pictures of Eleanor coming.
P.S. Sorry about the order of the pictures, I really don't like when blogger does this.

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