Sunday, April 19, 2009

White Chicken Chili Recipe

Last week I went to a program at the library and the topic was "How to make 5 dinners with 1 bag of groceries" and I knew this was a must attend program for me. We have a joke in the house that when I go grocery shopping, I come home with 5 bags of groceries and still don't have a meal to make out of them. Meal planning and grocery shopping just requires way too much work and organization. I always say that I would rather get a root canal then go grocery shopping and that's no joke. Maybe Peapod would be a good idea - they deliver right to your door and you order online - I might be able to do that.

After attending that program all I can say is watch out Rachel Ray, I now have cooking skills and if I may so myself, this meal looks and tastes delicious. The recipe is very easy but is packed with a punch. I learned how to properly "poach" chicken and also how to "soak" navy beans. This was quite interesting but hubby loved it and already has it packed in his lunch bag for work tomorrow.

By the way, did you notice the cilantro garnish? Maybe I should plant some cilantro in my garden that I'm planting in May. I'm still just hoping that what I planted survives - baby steps Melissa, baby steps.


Brooke G. said...

It looks GREAT! I totally agree -I tend to get an abundance of groceries, but lack the ingredients to make a single meal! It really takes talent to manage to pull that off week after week :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE white chicken chilli. I think it's my signature dish. I'd love your recipe! :)

PS I love your blog. I never knew you had such a creative spirit. Dave is such a lucky guy!

Carol said...

Hi Melissa,
That is so awesone you made the white chicken chili and put it on your blog, I love it and your picture is much better! I am just getting two sick boys to bed but will check out your blog further, it looks great!