Saturday, April 4, 2009

Another Thing I Aspire to Learn

I started with this picture above

and 1 1/2 hours later I got this picture above!

I was going for the "old fashioned" or sephia look and it took me forever. I just don't understand this photoshop thing and don't know if I ever will. I even followed the tutorials and then after failing with the layers/filter thing, I tried the guided edit and was able to get it done. Can someone help me with this? Where can I go to learn how to do this? Should I go to the library and get the "Photoshop for Dummies" book? Seriously - how do people use this? I have learned that all of the fabulous pictures I see on all of these blogs aren't just fabulous photos but fabulous photos that have been spruced up with Photoshop - another thing to add to my list of things I aspire to do or learn someday!

I aspire to:
  • learn to take awesome photos
  • learn to use photoshop
  • plant a garden and turn my brown thumb into a green thumb
  • submit some scrapbook layouts for submission
  • increase the # of people that follow my blog :)
  • improve upon my creative writing skills
  • learn to have a keen eye for design
  • learn to sew (again)
  • learn to love what I'm already good at and not focus on what I can't do.

What do you aspire to do but are struggling with these days?


Brooke G. said...

Ah - I see you are dabbeling with Photoshop. I can teach you what I know how to do.... but you have probably already figured that out!!! I just use the basics..... If you are trying to use filters and layers and stuff... then I am lost too ;)
The picture looks pretty cool though - I like the facelift!!! Keep playing (that is my advise.)

Mom said...

I was wondering if you were on your blog today. I flipped out when i read your goals. Submit a scrapbook layout, about time you did that; make it 2-3 to get you up to date. Improve creative writing skills. You could really treasure this with a few suggestions, let me know your ideas on this one. Learn to take awesomw photos? Get out the ones of the baby birds, you've forgotten the one you have. How many do you have of Tanner? -got to be a blue ribbon one in that collection.--In my Creative Arts magazine someone took a picture of a bug and blew it up really huge, and made a quilt out of it. It is a world winning quilt. Plant a garden? Must be some agricultural roots in your gens somewhere, comes with Spring Fever.--NOW this last one has blown me out of my mind--learn to sew, again!!!!!!! When you start that goal, I'll write a book about the dream I had. It's totally out of my box. I must be a bad Mom, but you are all ready good at these things!!!! maybe not photoshop. Is perfection your goal?--I think you are right, you want or aspire to learn and there is some more pretty cool stuff out there in all these areas. You Go Girl, while you have time. Love yah always, Mom.

Terri said...

Um Melissa? You know I think you're fabulous, right? But for heaven's sake, you don't have to tackle the world in one fell swoop:) I love the photo - I just discovered the sepia setting on my camera. I love taking photos too. I'm always just snapping away. I already know that I'm going to ask Santa for a new Cannon come next Christmas. Let's compare garden notes this summer, K?