Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's Earth Month and Time to get Dirty

I've always wanted an herb garden and when I saw these adorable planters from Crate & Barrel, I knew it was time for this project. I got my hands dirty and planted some parsley, basil, and oregano. It'll be a mystery if this actually works but I'm "hopeful" that with some TLC and reading lots about how to make things grow that maybe this might work. These were planted a week ago Saturday and thus far I know that one of them is growing - the other two - well we still have another 7 days or so before we call them duds.
This is the newest addition to the backyard and we really had to get down and dirty putting this lovely shrub in the ground. When we moved into the house there was a nice row of 10 of these bushes and hubby got a little over-ambitious and was trimming them and chopped the tops off and one of them didn't make it after that. We have drug our feet on planting a new one for a year but a trip the Home Depot ended that - we now don't have a gap in the nice row of 9 and we now have a perfect 10. We followed all of the instructions and gave it some Miracle-Gro so now we need to sit back and hope that this one lasts longer than the last one.

As you can see, the others are quite a bit wider but at least there are 10 of them and not 9. I think it looks like a little Christmas tree and I guess if it doesn't grow too much we could make it our Christmas tree this year and decorate it with some lights.

All of this planting really has us going and we have begun getting quotes for our front yard that looks just awful. Have of the yard doesn't grow grass because it's so shady and the drainage issues don't help either. So far we have gotten some very good ideas but also pricey. Stay tuned for our front yard make-over; we are desperate for some curb appeal!


Brooke G. said...

Nice work! Looks good. Yard work is not my "thing" but Dave is always good to bounce ideas off of.

PRichards said...

OH BOY! I should post some pictures of my scary yard. I now have three quotes for my yard and front entry and they are ridiculous. However, I am willing to sacrifice somethings to have it all look nice and low maintenance. We started by having a deck (24x20) take up a lot of our backyard. Now I have to find things to fill it... Keep us posted on the progress of your yard.