Saturday, April 18, 2009

Do you want to "tweet" with me?

It's official, I've joined the latest phenomenon and I'm an official "Twitterer" at This is very surprising for many people since I've adamantly refused to join the facebook world that so many of you belong to. I decided to join twitter after watching the Oprah show on Friday and learning more about it. Plus what's great about it is that you have a very limited number of words (characters) that you can post at anytime. I like this because it forces me to cut right to the chase and say what I want to say. If you want to "follow me" on twitter, just click on the link on the side of the blog and you find me. I'm "Ms_Melissa_Sue" on twitter.

P.S. I just tried going to and I got a message that said there were too many "tweets" on the website and that I should check back. How hilarious is that? The picture above is the picture that appeared with the come back soon message. Wow Oprah, you're show on Friday caused the website to become flooded.


Brooke G. said...

I have to say - I am TOTALLY SHOCKED!!!! I can't believe YOU are tweeting ;) Mainly because you have been so against facebook. I honestly don't know much about it.... but it sounds a lot like Facebook - right?

Anonymous said...

I can't find you on Twitter. I'm pretty new to it. My username is ripka12... I think.