Friday, April 10, 2009

Opinions Needed - Accent Chairs

Yeah, I sold our old couch and it's going to it's new home tomorrow. I sold it through Craigslist which was a first for me but it's got me browsing around and I found these gorgeous accent chairs today. I've been emailing the seller and hey are only 2 months old and she is selling them because she's moving to a smaller home. I'm LOVING them and think they would go really well with the new couch and we'd have plenty of room when we get rid of the recliner. They are priced to sell and I'd love your opinions.

How do you think they would look with this couch? Also I should mention that I changed out the pillows because this looks too much like fall decor and the pillows have blues, browns, ivory, green, and gray in them.


Michelle said...

I like the chairs but it's funny how the old is new again. Josh's grandma had chair very similar just an ugly rust color. I like yours much better. I'm not sure if it is just the picture but the chairs and their picture looks very cool and the couch and it's picture look really warm. So I'm having a hard time visualizing it. But I have to see to really know. I know that didn't help you much but I also wanted to say hi. And ask if there another scrapbook night planned.

Brooke G. said...

So - I am a little late - what did you decide to do? I agree with Michelle - it is hard to visualize them together... but it might just be the pictures???

Gaia Morena said...

I think I love accent chairs and they look ten times better and I found similar chairs at Ballard Designs.

Fryer Family said...

Hey! I know it's been a few months; did you ever get the gray chairs?