Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Tanner!

Our baby Tanner is really growing up and turned 5 years old today! His special day started at about 4:30 am with one of our smoke detectors was going off because of a low battery - did that ever scare him to death. Luckily the day got better, specially since I worked from home today and he got to take a walk at lunchtime in this gorgeous weather. As you can see he is having a ball today and wants to tear his cake apart because it plays "happy birthday". The day will finish off with some meat off the grill for dinner - what the life our little Tanner has.


Brooke G. said...

That is soooo cute. Happy Birthday Tanner :)
I love the hat and the cake. Oh and the new couch and pillows look so fab! I am surprised Tanner is allowed up there - wink, wink!

Melissa said...

You are the 2nd person to say that today! Are you kidding - Tanner owns the couch, we just bought it.