Friday, April 10, 2009

A Green Thumb - Maybe?

I have 3 ambitious projects planned for this spring/summer. They are completely things you would never guess for those that know me because frankly - I don't like getting my hands dirty and covered in dirt. Oh and not to mention that bugs freak me out! I am trying to put that out of my mind and do some things that I have wanted to explore and/or try for quite some time.

The picture above is my first project - begin to compost. I know you thought it was an alien spaceship but it's not. It's a round composter that makes it easy to turn your "stuff" to help with the process. You just roll it on the group and place it back up on the stand. I've done a ton of research on how to do this and there are a million different ways and I'm going to start out on the easier route. David made it clear that "he's not going to have anything to do with this" so I need to be able to do this on my own. I wish I already had it because today I threw away 4 eggshells and 5 banana peels - I really didn't like that because I know what happens now when it ends up in the landfill.

The second project is to begin conserving water especially since in the summer we are constantly filling our pond with water. Our water bill gets higher and higher in the summer and we might as well collect that good old rain water from the gutters. I was super excited to see that our village is selling them for only $79 which is about the cheapest you can find them for. Check out the Village website if you live in my area if you are interested in buying a rain barrel or a composter even.

Last but not least, I am planning on building a raised vegetable garden with David's help and actually planting a vegetable garden. This is a HUGE step for me because I can't plant anything that lives longer than a couple of weeks. My track record speaks for itself but I really think I am going to attempt a very small garden. I am planting some easy stuff such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, herbs, and maybe zucchini, squash, or beans. Just a couple of plants (seedlings are out this year - let's start off small) that I want to grow along the fence where Tanner loves to jump on to say hi to the neighbor dog. I will defiantly keep you up to date on these projects because it out to be interesting to say the least! Please tell me what projects you have planned for this spring/summer?

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Michelle said...

We are having a garden too! We had one last year but the new thing is we started some of our plantes from seeds. My house has now become a little greenhouse. Josh's mom got a plot at her community garden so we will be doing LOTS of gardening this summer.