Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

New Years Eve 023 

David was nursing a cold and so we decided to celebrate New Years Eve at home with our favorite pup and a yummy dinner. And of course a yummy bottle of Pinot Noir.

New Years Eve 025

As you can see, I really enjoyed the wine which made me all toasty warm during dinner.

New Years Eve 028

Me and Tanner – isn’t he the cutest?

New Years Eve 030

Lasagna I made for dinner with a side of garlic bread.

New Years Eve 033

Remember my favorite restaurant I blogged about – here? Well I got my hands on the key lime pie recipe and made it. Wow, it really does taste just like the pie from Joe’s Stone Crab and all it took was 4 ingredients for the filling, this recipe is staying in my arsenal of deliciousness!

New Years Eve 034

Holy Yum – ohhhhhhh!

New Years Eve 035

To burn off some of those calories we decided to play a little Guitar Hero together. As you can see, my husband can really rock the guitar. Seriously, he has some mad Guitar Hero skills.

New Years Eve 039

But you should see me rock the vocals. Seeing is the key word because hearing me attempt to sing is one scary venture. Boy did we have fun though! Thank goodness we don’t have a video camera because I think our encore might have appeared on YouTube accidentally which wouldn’t have been a good thing.

David, Tanner, and I hope you had a “rockin” new years eve and nothing but the best in 2010!


Brooke G. said...

Melissa - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! That is funny that we both did our 200th post - crazy! Looks like you guys had a good time. Photography is beautiful - it must be the new lens ;) The bokeh in the first one is just beautiful!!

Fryer Family said...

Happy New Year! I'm glad you both had a fun relaxing night at home!

wilma J. said...

Hi Melissa,

Love your new format. You just keep getting better and better. Your birthday card (sigh, late) is in the mail. I trudged through the snow to get it in the mail box.

Hope the New Year is extra special for you and David. Maybe you can make it to Port Isabel!!

P.S. I used pictures of Christmas on my Facebook. Thanks.