Friday, January 15, 2010

HGTV Dream Home 2010

I love every year when HGTV reveals their latest HGTV Dream Home. Each year it’s located in a beautiful location near a lake, mountain, or other breathtaking landscape. This years location is a bit different, it’s in the Sandia Mountains in Sandia Park, New Mexico. Living in a desert isn’t high on my list since I’m more of a beach girl but HGTV if you are listening – I would still LOVE to win this home! In addition to winning a home that has been professionally decorated, it comes with a 2010 GMC Terrain, and $500,000!!! You can enter to win each day and so far I haven’t missed a day. Interested in winning the whole package worth $2million – then click here to sign up.

Let’s go for a tour so I can show you a few of my favorite things. Don’t you love looking at a professionally decorated home? I dream of building a home someday and having enough money left over to decorate it too.

The Great Room – I love that coffee table but for a $1000 at Ethan Allen, I’ll keep looking. The view is beautiful and I love the huge windows letting in all of that natural light.

 The kitchen – the island is huge and would be great during parties. The look is a bit different but the walls are gorgeous. Very open to the nearby dining room and great room.

The recycling/pantry above and the buffet room below have me in complete envy. Organized storage makes me swoon – it doesn’t take much to impress me sometimes. Beautiful and functional all at the same time!

As someone who spends a lot of time in our office, I can tell you that I could get a lot of work done here. Very cozy and functional. I love the trestle desk, open book shelves with the art work attached, and the closed storage with the chair in the back. Great layout.   

The Theatre Room – this makes me go pitter patter. I only wish I had seen this when we completed our room downstairs. It’s the exact same size and layout. I am getting lots of ideas here. First, the walls, can you see that wonderful texture!!! The floor is make of cork to help with sound (we need this) and costs only $3.79 sq/ft. The cork would really help with the sound, keep our feet warm, and more child/pet friendly than the tile we have now. The other thing I love is the coffee table, it’s speaking to me and screaming at me – until I saw the price and I’m feeling deflated once again.

Master Bedroom – it needs a king size bed. Who sleeps in a queen anymore? Otherwise I could sleep really well here.

Guest Bedroom – I LOVE BARN DOORS!!! Need I say more….

  Master Bath – a relaxing retreat. The vanity is beautiful too.

The Casita – a place for couple’s to go on a mini retreat. I live the tile on the walls behind the headboard. The terra cotta paint on the walls is truly beautiful.

The patio behind the Casita. A glass of wine and that fireplace would make me very cozy.

The Back Patio – cozy, cozy couches with a blazing fire. What a perfect way to end an evening with family and friends.

So what do you think. Do you like the Dream House? What would you do if you won it – move in or sell it?


beth said...

Hi there. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment!

I'm not a big fan of the dream home this year. Like you, I'm more of a beach girl myself. It's funny though, we lived on the Oregon coast our whole lives, then moved away to the desert, and I didn't realize how much I loved the Ocean until we weren't near it anymore. If we did happen to win the dream house, we would have to sell it, as we wouldn't be able to afford the taxes! And you're right, that bed in the master bedroom needs to be a King! I don't know if I could stand going back to a smaller bed!
Hope you have a great day!! Beth. :)

Anonymous said...

I always get cranky because they NEVER put a king bed in the master. I'm with you - seriously - who uses a queen? At least who under the age of 50? My folks use a queen bed - but for those who have grown up with the high availability of king beds, we cannot fathom why something SO expensive should not include that one thing. My thought is it's like when people drive 55 in the left lane - "I'm going the speed limit and everyone else should too." "I like sleeping in a queen bed, it makes the room look bigger, and that should be big enough for everyone." Pshaw.

Marvin said...

These are great ideas for our DIY dream house. My wife and I are preparing things for the project. Have you won the dream home yet? I'm sure you and my wife would click as she loves visiting the site too. She's been viewing and searching ideas for our future house. Thanks for this post Melissa.

Katie said...

The home featured looked so good and different home decors here in your blog looked good as well. I'm also a beach lover like you but living in a desert with that kind of home is a dream come true for me. In choosing the home of your dreams, we must always consider the environment, the entire neighborhood, the temperature and the structure itself. In my hometown in Grand Lake, homes for sale are in demand because the place is really nice. Also in Grand Lake, Oklahoma, homes for sale have reasonable prices for every home that is being sold.