Monday, November 30, 2009

Our New Bedding - Finally!

Do you remember this post, and this post, and finally this post about getting new bedding for our master bedroom? Well I started blogging back in February about my desire to get some real nice adult bedding and after months, and months, and months - I finally found exactly what I wanted at HomeGoods. They only had it in queen size but I decided to ask if they had king and the nice lady went to the back and found it in king for me. I was like a kid in a candy store when I saw the bedding and knew it would be perfect for our room.

Can you see why I love the bedding so much? A little feminine but the white, gray, and dark chocolate brown give it a masculine touch so that David and I both are comfortable with the bedding. I also got some new dark brown sheets that were on sale as well. I finally feel like we are in a luxury hotel but it's actually our own bedroom.

The gold framed artwork, mirror, and lamps also came from HomeGoods - I LOVE THAT STORE! You can't beat most of their prices.

Oh did you notice my headboard? I made it back in May, click here to read all of the details, it's held of well thus far.

So what do you think - did I make the right decision in bedding? It's super warm, just in time for the cold weather that is coming our way.


Nancy said...

It's really nice. It's a good choice!


Brooke G. said...

And I love that store too. You just sometimes KNOW when the right thing jumps out at you!
Love the Christmas decorating also. Things are looking great around your house. Don't you just love Christmas trees - they are so magical!!!

Michelle said...

It looks great. I came on here to check out about a new camera I read about on FB. Can wait to see the pics from that camera.

Fryer Family said...

Your bedding is beautiful! I'm glad we got to see it on Thanksgiving!

Terri said...

sweet melissa - you clearly have good taste. when are you free to help me get my house in order??

Henry said...

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kimberly said...

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