Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Thanksgiving Final Touches

Remember these Thanksgiving Dinner invitations I made a few weeks ago for my guests? Well in making my final preparations for the big feast, I thought I would carry this theme to a few other things the guests would see during our Thanksgiving feast.

How about menus at each of the 4 tables (17 peeps in total) so that the guests can see what will be served during the big feast. There is a lot of food and they shouldn't leave hungry. I was a little stressed about the 22 lb turkey so I bought a ham as well - lots of leftovers and I already have some new recipes to try and use up all that delicious turkey.

This year in addition to using David's grandmother's fine china, we are using real linen napkins, I hope I don't regret this decision because there are a few messy folks coming but I guess that's what the washing machine is for. I decided to make my own napkin rings using some twine and stamping "bon appetit" on the tags.

What do you think? Simple but I like adding my own touch to things even though my husband said I was just making it harder on myself. Well the tags only took 5 minutes to make but rolling the silverware and typing the tags took about 30 minutes. Still not bad for a little touch, I want my guests to feel welcome.


Brooke G. said...

Everything looks so great! I am coming to your house next year - hee hee! You really went above and beyond with all the special touches. I hope everyone had a wonderful dinner (how could they not??? They were at Martha's house! HA)

Fryer Family said...

The menus and linen napkins were very nice extra details!